Transponder Car Keys

An auto transponder key, which was introduced in 1995, is a transmitter unit consisting of a small microchip in the plastic head of a key. The transponder has a unique serial number, which is set during its initial programming. When an individual wants to unlock or start an auto, the microchip sends a request to the car for it to validate the serial number and turn off the engine immobilizers. If the car doesn’t recognize the number, it will remain locked and immobilized. A key that has not been programmed can still turn the engine over, but it won't be able to start it, since the immobilizers will still be activated.

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Transponder Programming

Your late model vehicle requires programming of the transponder key. Our state of the art transponder key programming units will program your car keys quickly and efficiently. If you have lost your car key we will be glad to program your transponder key for you!

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100% Satisfaction

Our keys are always backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our key cutting methods are the latest and greatest available. Your new keys are guaranteed to work as good or better than your factory keys. Give us a call today for an excellent locksmith experience!

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Our Locksmith Service Is Top Rated!

If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your keys or they have been stolen please make us your first call. Our quick response will get you back on the road quickly. We offer the best car key replacement solutions in Oklahoma City. Locksmith OKC